The Slopes

Interior Architecture

The Slopes is a car park-come-inclusive-space for personal and collective exploration. Entering by car only, visitors will find conversation pits, club rooms, baths and darkrooms all within the womb of a sensory-sensitive environment.

Inspired by the open-minded nightlife and embrase of the notion of freedom that European cities such as Berlin have so immaculately harnessed, I wanted to see what that might look like in the UK. With Brighton’s notoriety as a location for LGBTQIA+ representation, progressive inclusivity and community spirit, I wondered where in Brighton these spaces are today.

Do spaces for queer explorations exist in Brighton, as it’s notoriety suggests?

Following several short-lived purposes all out-grown their audiences, I wanted to revive one of the discarded proposals.

In 1946, the Brighton Hippodrome was reportedly favoured by the Coorperation Planning Comittee to be demolished and turned into a multi-storey carpark. 1

The Slopes offer a safe, inclusive, exhillirating and liberating space where curiosity is rewarded.


Nolly Model

This model demonstrates the vehicle's entrance and exit paths, before entering an automated parking system, and communicates the mood of the interior concept.

Ice as a Building Material

Proposing ice as a building material, I explore it’s properties in encouraging curiosity, leading you to undefined areas of the building.

Development Sketches