Ice Managment

Ice is a transient material that relies on consistent temperature for it to stay in one shape. I am drawn to it’s simplicity, it’s otherness and the rarity of an observational interaction with it.

A series of ice studies.
︎ Video
Acrylic rods, Ice
‘Peep holes’ frozen into ice with acrylic rods

Becoming, VOLVOX

The effects of a change in light source

Seen within The Slopes

︎ Model
Clay, Ice
A time-based signage method

Looking at the steady change into water, the clay here acts as both a holder of the ice and a surface for the water to make it’s gravitational journey. With a moon-like glow, the ice was also chosen as a tool to draw people to that area of the space. As the water drips through holes in the cup and threads down the cracked surface, it leads them down through the building.
Seen within The Slopes