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Here We Are

Proposal - Artist Residence
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
An interactive installation that celebrates the vast diversity of people that have come together to experience The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

It highlights a prime opportunity for people of Edinburgh and visitors of the Tattoo to sit, meet and learn about each other as individuals. It would be open to anyone who wishes to take part and will most importantly provide a space for open communication between every culture, rank, class and age. 

Formed around conversations between two strangers, up to 4 questions are asked and answered. Each person is filmed and the two pieces of footage are later split between two screens in the first section of the space (that visitors have already walked through). This will allow new visitors to feel as close to the conversation as possible. They will understand the conversation not only by reading the transcript provided and listening to the voices but also by reading instinctual facial expressions and body language, a basic human method of communication that unites every one of us. 

(Here We Are is the chosen proposal that lead to me becoming Artist in Residence with the Tattoo, see final outcome here)